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M-Power Youth

M-Power Youth
will address the root causes of gang violence as stated in the Kent Reporter article titled 'County Officials are Responding to Local Gang Problem' Strachan and Patterson(7/23/2012).
It states: There is one thing that connects most, if not all, the contributing factors and that is limited opportunities. Studies have shown that young people would not choose to engage in criminal behavior if more opportunities were available to them. 
We believe that opportunities require that the individual have an education in a needed skill. Our project is dedicated to enabling those at-risk youth to obtain an education so as to become productive members of our community. The article further states: 'We can't 'arrest our way out of this. It takes a real commitment to prevention....'

According to local police information, there are approximately 69 gangs in our region.  We are proposing a program to reduce gang affiliation. The program is inspired by 'EL SISTEMA' (CBS-60 MINUTES-April 17, 2008), a proven path to reducing gang violence. It seeks to transform the lives of at-risk* youth from the outside through music. The project addresses the negative self-image typically associated with impoverishment and teaches students they are worthy, capable individuals. The goal is to have each at- risk youth obtain an education which will enable them to gain employment in a profession or skill of their choice. 

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